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Guangzhou Together International Commercial and Trade Co.,LTD ,we are one of the best second-hand clothes export enterprises in Guangzhou China since 2013,our factory with 10,000 square meters workshop ,15 flow lines and more than 200 staffs.Together company now exports used clothes,used shoes and bags etc. to more than 60 countries.
Through decades of used clothing exporting across the world, we are familiar with the market needs. With diverse fashion all across China, we can cover your customers'appetite, and help you build your used clothing and second hand shoes business domain.
Meanwhile, Together company has established a solid and reliable supply chain, logistics network, and established overseas customer service centers for better serving customers.

Wholesales Used Clothes &Used Shoes
For used clothes and products needs for all genders and seasons, let Together Company, a used clothes supplier be your solution! We sort tons of apparel for men, women and children in any season.

Discover the Brands of Together Company Group

Together Company Group is committed to providing top-quality used clothes to the world. Due to the inconsistency of sorting requirements for second hand clothes in different regions, we have established three brands to lay out different markets.

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  • EMAIL :togethercompany1@163.com
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